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Fancy Colored Diamond Rings For A Pretty and Stylish Women

by Premprakash Goyani 14 Oct 2023 0 Comments

When two individuals come together to live their lives with motivational intentions and share happiness, they connect in an alliance named "Engagement." After it determined "Wedding" from performing rituals in front of GOD.

For making those moments, most beautiful couples exchange a sign, usually a diamond or gemstone ring. A man gifted a stylish and traditional touched ring to the woman, and she offered a fashionable ring to him. Performing this task sprinkles romantic and endearment showers to both of them.

A fancy colored engagement ring is an incredible selection because it has always been counted as a love signature. There are plenty of choices in fancy colors like light blue, dark champagne, intense pink, and fancy black. All colored stones have different identities and symbolism.

In engagement or wedding rings, two choices exist, primarily as diamonds and gemstones. Diamonds are a form of the precious gems found in the mines, and they're really valuable among other semi-precious stones. While gemstones feature fancy colors that make them different than diamonds.

When you want to offer a gorgeous engagement ring to her that resembles your love thoughts and helps your feelings to reveal in front of your spouse. But you can't decide between colored diamonds and gemstones that save you money and offer a unique appearance.

In this article, we will describe all of your concerns related to the colored diamond ring selection and its comparison with gemstones. Also, we try to make you educated as much as that drives you to make a perfect decision. Read it until the end of the article.

First let's what is fancy colored diamond and why they're used in the rings.

What Is Fancy Colored Diamond?

When a diamond has different color shades except for a natural white hue, it is determined as a fancy color. In fancy color diamonds, there are ten tints available; some of them are rarer than a colorless stone. To provide a wonderful appearance and elegance in the ring, colored diamonds are used.

Also, they're signified as the best alternative to gemstones because of the colored surfaces. In colored diamonds, you can pick the pink shade if you want to reveal your romantic feelings. While a blue diamond ring brings tranquility to a love relation. These diamonds are selected based on their significance and advantages.

Natural fancy colored diamonds are scarce to get, and their costs aren't affordable for a person with a five figured salary per month. It means these diamonds are costly to buy, and with the best quality, the prices significantly increase. Red, Chocolate, Dark Pink, Intense Blue, Fancy Yellow, Orange and Brown colored diamonds are rarest stones.

If you insist on natural diamonds, it's impossible to tell they feature in every shape, clarity, and cut grade. For example, a red colored round diamond is not easily available, and if it is, the price reaches thousands of dollars. If you need an IF or FL diamond clarity grade in these colors, then it's tough to find, especially from natural gems.

The Importance For Colored Diamonds In Rings

Every ring has its importance in the couple's lives. It does not matter when a ring is presented at a particular moment, like an engagement, wedding, or as an anniversary gift. Colored diamond rings are selected for reasons like offering unique beauty, personal expression, emotional significance, rarity, versatility, investment potential, and elegance.

In addition, a couple who wants to make the engagement ring most beautiful and memorable among others then they're looking for ethical considerations and cultural significance. Some of them preserve it as their family heirloom and carry it forward to the next generation.

Let's understand their significance in a little more detail for better understanding.

  • Offers Unique Beauty

When you're doesn't want to select a typical colorless white diamond for ring then you're searching for an alternative option. In fancy colors your search will be complete because it offers a delegate and stunning appearance that stands out from others. As a result, it has been counted as the "Dynamic Ring."

These diamonds feature fancy, vivid, rich, dark, and intense color variations in red, blue, yellow, brown, and orange shades. That makes it a unique engagement ring. In recent fashion trends, couples are selecting a combination of colored and white diamonds to justify their commitment to a love relationship.

  • Personal Expression

Every love partner brings the dream of offering a personalized gift to their spouse, especially as an engagement ring. With a colored diamond selection, a ring looks stunning and elegant because the colorful light reflections remain ideal at every moment.

The reason behind selecting a particular colored diamond defines the intention and significance. Like an intense yellow color refers to the passionate commitment and connection. A red shade shows the intensity of the emotional attachment. That's why it has been selected in promise rings for her.

  • Rarity

A prestigious engagement ring that features the rarest gems is the ideal choice for showing you're love is pure and unique. Red, green, and brown diamonds are scarce even with lab-grown diamonds. While natural types they're not easily available, and the cost reaches millions of dollars per carat.

The much rarity of diamonds brings better quality, high value and ideal appearance. Owning a rare diamond in your jewelry collection symbolizes the achievements and luxurious selection. That's why many royal couples and millionaires prefer red or green colored diamonds for their jewelry.

  • Emotional Significance

Revealing the emotional attachment with a spouse with deep affection, the colored diamonds offer confidence. Searching for an anniversary gift that shows a milestone for completing ten years of successful wedding? Prefers a fancy Toi et Moi or cathedral setting ring with pink or intense yellow diamonds.

Mostly, fancy colored diamonds are selected for celebrating a special occasion like engagements or wedding anniversaries. That indicates a deep and long-lasting love relationship between you and your partner. The trust factor is an essential need of love and is fulfilled with an emotional connection.

  • Versatility

Fancy colored diamonds are versatile to select for engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants for anniversary gifts, tennis bracelets, and hoop earrings. Selecting colored diamonds adds a touch of elegance and personality to any outfit. It has been worn at functions or gathering parties with friends and family.

That's why fathers are selecting a brown colored diamond tennis bracelet for their daughters to offer a charming appearance. While red diamond hoop earrings are chosen from a younger couple, who wants to bring a heartfelt connection.

  • Ethical Considerations

As a responsible human being of the planet, at any cost, you don't want to offer such a thing that is brought out from illegal and unethical practices. You're unaware of where the diamonds are mined, and you shop it assuming all the rules are followed, but the reality is different.

Many mining diamond entities have started to follow ethical practices that make natural-typed diamonds free from conflict and blood. But, still, these diamonds are so rare in fancy colors, and their price remains at a high level.

Fancy colored lab-grown diamonds are the best alternative to natural diamonds. In these types of gems, all the ethical considerations are strictly followed to release a minimal environmental footprint. They are 30 - 80% cheaper than mined diamonds.

As a result, couples started to select lab-grown diamonds for making their jewelry collection "Pure and Conflict Free."

  • Cultural Significance

In many cultures, colored diamonds play a significant role in accurately performing ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations. Gemstones are also included in this list because they're still selected to take advantage of holiness, kindness, love, feelings, and modesty.

In Asian cultures, brides wear red colored diamond bangles on the wedding day to bring auspiciousness to the marriage. While the bride's parents have selected a pink diamond necklace to make their daughter the prettiest woman in the world.

Couples in the USA or Canada select a yellow or orange diamond ring as their family tradition. For example, their ancestors started a rule to offer a particular color shade engagement ring to their future love partner because it brings positive energy to the family atmosphere and connects all household members.

What Fancy Colored Diamond Symbolizes To Human Beings?

Every colored diamond has its own identity and symbolism that offer a wearer metaphysical and psychological benefits. As a result, worldwide buyers are selecting fancy color diamonds as their needs and expectations. Let's take an example.

Blue colored diamonds offer calmness and thinking powers. That's why one partner from a couple who engaged in the most important designation in the enterprise wears blue diamonds to make perfect decisions.

While for revealing fervid attached feelings to a love partner, red color diamond jewelry was selected, especially an engagement ring.

In the below chart we defines the particular symbolism for the fancy colored diamonds. Have a look. 

Fancy Colored Diamond Ring Choices

In a colored diamond ring, you can select a solitaire style if you prefer a traditional pattern. While moving with the modern world, a halo or five-stone is ideal choice for her. Also, Toi et Moi is a good pick with a pink and red diamond for a unique ring style that is solely a remembrance of love.

Here, we mention the most selected ring style and pick your favorite one according to preference and budget choices. Keep in mind you have ten different color options, so choose a matching ring style in a yellow, rose and white gold.

  • Vintage
  • Three-stone
  • Halo
  • Pave
  • Eternity
  • Art Deco
  • Cluster
  • Tensio Set
  • Solitaire
  • Filigree
  • Infinity
  • Stackable

All of these ring styles are available in rectangular to square shaped diamonds like radiant to princess cut. But if you want a round brilliant cut stone, consider the best 4cs grades: color, clarity, carat, and cut grades. Diamonds with ideal quality grades deliver brilliance, elegance, and stylish looks.

Red Diamond Ring: A Passionate Choice

Want to reveal your passionate love feelings towards her with more confidence? Red diamonds are the perfect choice. The intense shade of red brings motivation and inspiration to accomplish a goal together. As a result, to gain the trust of a love partner, red diamonds are selected in an engagement ring.

A natural diamond in red color is adamant and costly to find. Its 1.00 carat price could be between $100K to $200K; with the certification, the cost reaches an extra 10 - 20%. If you have a sufficient budget to shop for a natural red diamond, then purchase it without any hesitation, but consult a professional jeweler or gemologist near your location or visit recognized e-commerce jewelry stores.

Red colored oval cut diamond halo engagement ring in 14kt white gold

While you're looking for an alternative option with the same grades and brilliance at an affordable cost, then lab-grown diamonds will help you. These artificial diamonds are made in a controlled environment with total ethical consideration. As a result, it has been acknowledged as ethical jewelry selection.

For a lab-grown diamond ring in red color with solitaire, three-stone, or halo style, spend around $500 to $1500. Within this price range, you can select oval, round brilliant cut, radiant, and emerald diamonds with at least VS clarity grades and a branded certificate. For red diamond rings, yellow and rose gold are excellent choices, but white gold or p